BC州の公的保険であるMSPに加入をされている場合、シティスクエアメディカルクリニックの予約を希望する場合は、105 カナダドルの手数料がかかります。







For individuals with MSP coverage who would like to book an appointment with City Square Medical Clinic, we charge a handling fee of 105 CAD.

This handling fee is a flat fee and includes the booking fee, administration fee, and our fee for translation and interpretation services if needed.

Please note that this handling fee will be charged for each subsequent visit, including any follow-up appointments.

Moreover, should you choose not to use our translation and interpretation services, there will be no reduction in the fee.

Appointment time slots for patients with MSP coverage are limited, and it may take some time to be seen by a doctor.

Lastly, the clinic does not accept patients who want to be seen for WCB cases, regular check-ups, chronic conditions,

and anything that requires long-term treatments typically overseen by family doctors.

Please note that we are not affiliated with City Square Medical Clinic and provide the services described above as a third party.